About Us

We Are Bonami

Family Owned Since 1994

The Bonami Baking Company has been a Family Owned business since 1994. It was founded by two French and one Hispanic individual originally. The main idea was to obtain the best French Croissants and Pastries with its original receipt from France which is still our authentic tradition since know. In 1998 we bought the recipe from the Cardinale Bread owned by an Italian that settled here in the city of Antioch, California.
We are proudly still serving the bread with the same flavor and passion as before. All our bread is manufactured by hand not by machinery which make us unique artisan bread makers. Our croissants, danishes, muffins, and scones are made by the best quality ingredients which makes our muffins an authentic fruit flavor. We don’t use any preservative in our product which it makes a difference from the rest of the bakeries.
Also, our product is made fresh daily. The orders come in and we make them as they come. We have an authentic sourdough starter as well which has been with us for more than 25 years. Our staff is trained with good and positive attitude daily do to the fact that we are all a Family oriented group which makes everything as humanly possible. We deliver 7 days a week to all the bay area and beyond.